are men usually intimidated to women who are more successful than they are?

@nyka08 (411)
February 2, 2011 3:00am CST
women are more liberated now a days compared to the older times. women are now seen stepping up to responsibilities that only men are allowed and seen to do before. you could see women as a firefighter, police, military, and more, jobs that are usually filled in by men. remarkable women have seen to run business empires and the like. men are usually perceived to be the head of the family and should be the provider. and in our society, most men try hard to maintain their image that they are strong and man enough to do anything. but with this kind of thinking, how does a man approach a woman that is more powerful or successful than him? do they find this intimidating and lose confidence or self esteem? or do they find this more attractive? are they more impressed and find this as a challenge to them?
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