Why does our society not much like poetry?

@gengeni (3308)
February 2, 2011 3:29am CST
Why do most people do not like this artwork? why so, this is visible from almost not touching book of poetry in bookstores, even the students or school pupils who likes poetry can be counted on the fingers. certainly there is reason for all this right? one reason may be the appreciation. His lack of appreciation of our society toward art, especially literary art is due to cultural literacy of our society is very minimal, especially poetry sometimes uses words that are not common, or even strangers in the public ear. but if you want to glance briefly at the poem, surely they are interested, not only in poetry reading, poetry and even song lyric can be made, look at the songs of our musicians, they are many who use his poetry as poetry.
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@hlgmdt (301)
• Philippines
2 Feb 11
I'm glad someone brought this up here. I like poetry and it's sad that a lot of people don't get to appreciate this art. Even students show some 'dislike' or disinterest in poetry. I think people see poetry as difficult to understand. I think some people are not so familiar with how poems are written and the technical elements present in them, that's why they cannot appreciate it. I was not a fan of poetry before but when I studied literature, I became familiar with the structure and creation of poems that's why I have come to like poems. I just wish others would also see the beauty of poetry.