Best water approach?

February 2, 2011 5:33am CST
I have a new pet, french bulldog. Can someone give me advices how to make his first contact with water? i dont want to be afraid of it? i used to had a dalmation and she was scared to do a bath or swim on sea, dont want the same thing to happen with my newone. As far i know dogs love water :-)
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• Canada
2 Feb 11
I was worried about the same thing when I brought my puppy home at 8 weeks -She is now 6 months- . We had to give her a bath ASAP when we got her and I eased her into it. I placed her in the tub before i even turned on the water so she didnt feel boxed in or anything with the water and new surroundings. It was just me and her. Made sure the kids were distracted so it wouldn't be a crazy moment for her. I dont know if you bathe your dog in the bath tub or outside but if its the bath tub - have the room tension free and use maybe a cup and start with her legs and move up and see how she reacts, She may not even be scared of the water if could just be you feeling what your old dog felt. Make sure its the right temp as well.. not to cold... not too hot. Dogs do love water just take your time with it at begging. Hope this helps a little.
• Greece
5 Feb 11
Thats sounds really good idea for first approach. will try that for a start, as for the bathtub or not, i guess that on winter or in cold days i will propably have to wash him at the tub so its good to get used to it. At summer i believe will be on balcony or out for sure, but we have some months before that comes :-) thanks again for the reply, really helpful :-)
• Canada
6 Feb 11
No Problem, How did the bath go?
• Greece
10 Feb 11
havent try it yet... i will try it the next days and i will reply :-) tomorrow my dog does his last vaccine and then i can do him a bath :-) but i believe all we go well :-) really nice advices :-)
@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
9 Feb 11
Hello Lokahiou and welcome to myLot, I hope my answer won't be too late for your poochie's bath. PreciousTT gave you a good piece of advice, I'd only add a few more: Place something at the bottom of the bathtube, so that your dog won't slip. A slippery surface will make her feel unsecure and she won't appreciate the bath time. First let the water run beside her, without wetting her coat. Let her show her interest to the water, and then turn it into a game. If the bath time is seen by the dog as a playing session, she will love to have baths. Make sure your dog won't get shampoo in her eyes or else she will hate the bath time. For the first baths I gave to my dog, I used baby shampoo for the head and dog shampoo for the rest of the body. When it comes to swimming, it might be more easy, as it can be easier perceived as a game. Take one of her favorite toys and you enter the water with it. Encourage her to follow you, and reward her with the toy each time she makes a few steps in the water. When she starts to feel good in the water where she can feel the land under her feet, you go farther and farther until she needs to swim to get to you and the toy. Never force her to enter the water, let her decide when she's ready to face the new environment.
• Greece
10 Feb 11
I will soon try to bath him so i will share the results too :-)
• Australia
22 Feb 11
The easiest way is to go in first, bath or sea, once your new pet can see that it is o.k. and fun he will be fine. Start in the shallows.
@sswallace21 (1824)
• United States
12 Feb 11
Start out while the pet is a baby. I bathed both puppies and kittens. I've never had a problem. I make it fun when they are little, make them think great things are happening and talk to them during the bathing process. It help keep them calm. HAPPY BATHING!!!