How you use common mind in believing & Running a religion ..?

@gengeni (3308)
February 2, 2011 9:48am CST
How important factor of Rationality (makes sense) in believing or run the religion.? Whether in believing & run Religion, Reason Thoughts you come into play ..? if yes ..? how for example ..? Is there something in religion that you think does not make sense / no or less you understand it but you feel obliged to believe it. without any logical explanation. For example .. What ..? and how you react to it ..? If in any religion there are things that make no sense / rational, according to you whether it is proper to believe / the Pious ..? For comparison, While the statements of fellow human beings only if not signed in logic, we do not believe it ..? how about matters of faith, or the main topics in worship, which do not enter the logic? do you think ..?
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• Indonesia
2 Feb 11
Many things in religion that does not make sense but I believe it and without coercion. because in my religion does not use the ratio, but using heart. While the statements of fellow human beings only if not entered our logic, do not believe it? how about matters of faith or the main topics in worship not signed in logic? do you think? it's because we're both human. whereas the Lord who do not have the strength we have, He is almighty, what is impossible with human is possible for God.