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February 2, 2011 5:32pm CST
i guess im not the only one who would of noticed that every-time you come to this section make extra money that almost every single post is about PTC sites.Yes you click on them and you get like 1c or 2c a click big deal everyone seems to brag about there links to get them to click a link in there profile in order for them to use someone as a referral this section is just tuning into advertising for ptc sites this section should based more on legit ways to make money not some click a link site that half of them dont even just really sick of seeing the whole ptc thing every-time i come on here and then when i ask someone how i could work at home and i say to them no ptc sites what do they do tell me that they can help and to go to there profile and guess what its a ptc site??? do people actually read what people say or do they just randomly all say look here click here?.Most people dont want to sit here and click on a banner all day we would liek to know about real work at home jobs and info about how to really work from home without beaing lazy and make a steady income not a 1c a click and usally only allows say 10 banner clicks a day. Please write here if you agree i would know if anyone feels the same as i do i have also noticed that its not usually the aussies who do this
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@marguicha (102314)
• Chile
3 Feb 11
I don´t agree with you in the sense that each mylotter chooses what to write about and we also decide freely what to answer. I, for instance, decided a while ago not to answer religious or political posts even though I´m interested in them. I doubt that the people who answer those posts hurry up to register at the links in the mylotter´s profile. Getting a referral is not that easy. It seems that except if you live in a few countries (such as the US) you cannot earn a lot online. Non residents have no surveys and many of us don´t even have a good command of the English language. Mylot´s rules don´t allow promoting or links so at least that can´t be done. I have many interests that have nothing to do with earning money and many friends here and I guess I spend more time in other interests. Take care and welcome to mylot!!!
@ptower76 (1618)
• United States
2 Feb 11
I think you are so right. Maybe you can start discussions that are truly relevant to this interest.