worst snow storm?

@txgrl21 (819)
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February 3, 2011 12:26am CST
I am sure a lot of you remember getting stuck in the snow with a dead cell phone one year or falling hard on your a** or having to dig your car out. Sure back then we were mad and stressing out but now we can look back and laugh at ourselves. Mine would have to be 2010 storm in Oklahoma city. I was 5 months pregnant with my second baby and I drove to work only to find out that only half of my team had showed up. Those of us there were all very angry because the absent ones were going to be excused because of the bad weather. They let us go home early and of course my pathfinder got stuck in the parking lot TWICE and I was able to get it out TWICE! The highway is right next to where I worked and as soon as I tried to enter it I felt my car skidd. To avoid hitting a street light I swerved to my right where my car got suck in a huge ditch. It took my husband 2 hours to get to me and we had to leave my car there since it was to stuck. On our way back the highway had been closed so we had to take the long way. I got off work around 2 and did not get home until 10. A few days later I noticed that the exact area where I had gotten stuck in was now closed of with a fence. Thanks a lot department of transportation!!! Great timing!!!
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8 Feb 11
Ah snow! Living today in South East Missouri, USA, I don't see much snow any more, and oddly enough I actually miss it! I am from North Eastern Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes and 10 foot of snow LOL. For over 20 years I was an over the road truck driver and not only saw snow storms in Minnesota, but experienced howling winds and white outs in so many other places! Roads closed to travel in Wyoming, spending endless hours waiting in truck stops with hundreds of other truckers and a few motorists also, I remember being grateful my truck was also my home with it's nice warm bedroom, my little TV/VCR...I remember easing my way along an off ramp near Buffalo, NY and watching the highway patrol car slid into the ditch. I remember crossing Iowa on I-80, ice 8 inches thick on the road surface and the terrible accidents along the highway. Snow...lovely, white, shining like diamonds in the sun...snow...glaring, icy particles carried on the wind cutting into my face...snow...rolling it into a ball and throwing it at others only to have it thrown back at me, snowmen and snow angels...snow...wow such versatile stuff! I also remember being snowed in, snow drifting higher than the first floor of my house and climbing the next day out onto the garage roof in hopes of being able to find a snow shovel to dig down to the door and then later dig the car and truck out so we could, if the snow plows got out, go into town. Yep, I kinda miss it all...think maybe I'll move back to Minnesota, here in Missouri if it snows at all they close everything over a lousy inch.