Suicide............................................................ Doors hehehe

February 3, 2011 1:00am CST
How do you make your car stand out? There are so many things you can do to it. Paint it, slam it, dress it up etcetera. Nothing comes close to unique door opening mechanisms. During the past couple of weeks I've been planning things for my volkswagen beetle (it's a 1975 standard) and the door modification I want to do is suicide doors. No, no, no, they won't jump off a cliff just because of sadness. They just open in an unconventional way. They open opposite the normal direction. This was actually the way doors used to open but because of the incidents where these type of doors open during driving or cornering, car makers ditched the suicide doors and installed what is now the normal type of doors which swing in the regular way. You see, it's harder for conventional doors to open during driving and cornering. And if it does pop open, it'll still close up again. unlike suicide doors which will remain open unless you close them. The solution? install dead bolts which are bigger and more secure than the stock door strikers. Also, body alignment is very important. And prayers. So even if it's dangerous, I'll still have suicide doors, just because it'll make my entry and exit easier. I don't have any rear seat for additional passengers. The hinges will also have to be modified to carry the weight of the door so additional fabrication is needed. If you're planning on suicide doors, think really, really, hard and really, really long before you commit. It's not an easy project, but the results are spectacular!
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