bored of travelling

@any123 (79)
February 3, 2011 2:16am CST
We once went to travel across one of the hilly towns of india. It was far from my city. We friends went in a car and moved in the evening, hoping to reach the place where we can have see and touch snow. In morning we saw snow from nearly more than 100 kilometers our craze was shattered because we travelled whole and half of the next days was over and didnt reach the palce. We thought i was bad idea to see snow but at last after long sleepless hours we reached and our frustration went away . Does anyone have stories regarding travel? i love to hear them !
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@GardenGerty (104004)
• United States
4 Feb 11
I enjoy taking long trips with my husband. We take turns sleeping while the other drives or we pull over and sleep awhile. To make sure that we do not get too bored we stop when we think we see something interesting to investigate. We live in the middle of the United States and we have traveled to the ocean on the east and the one on the west as well. We have gone north almost to Canada and we have gone south and west into Mexico.
@maximax8 (28560)
• United Kingdom
3 Feb 11
I am sorry to hear that your journey was very boring. You wanted to see snow and didn't manage to get to a snowy place very quickly. It must have been so wonderful to finally get to see the snow. For my journey back home I took a taxi, three planes, one bus and two trains. It was a trip of more than 24 hours so arriving at home I am tired buy happy. On the way to my destination I got a delayed flight, a missed connection, a different plane to the one I booked on took me to the country I was going to. I missed the last flight so the airline gave me a hotel overnight. I arrived in my destination the next day.