Riot in Egypt destroy business in EU countries

@iDivision (1414)
February 3, 2011 7:27am CST
In every news channel one of TOP stories this week is a story about demonstrations, violence, riots in Egypt. It may sound strange, but it have huge negative effect on my country tourism business as-well. Several tourist groups cancelled their trip to Egypt recently and none planning to continue to send tourists from my country to Egypt. They are staying at home, waiting for better days or re planning their trips to another attractive countries. But that's still ruining local tourism agencies. They had very hard to survive after crisis in my country started, but now they will be forced to close some offices too. people will lost their jobs and unemployment will grow more and more from now. The same situation is in another east European countries i think, so problem will not be solved here until everything settles peacefully in Egypt. I hope that people of Egypt will think twice if not more before to start violent riots against army or street fights! Every problem can be discussed, if Egypt president don't want to leave office until new elections, then someone must offer to do new elections already now!
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