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February 3, 2011 9:51am CST
Still in India Computer literate person are so less, I thinks 6.13% people know about Computer. What we can do to improve the percentage of Computer literacy.
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@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
3 Feb 11
One possible way would probably to make computer classes mandatory in all schools. I mean, it should be included already in the curriculum.
@louievill (20725)
• Philippines
3 Feb 11
Yes that's the way and if I may add, also put up adult computer schools for those who want to learn at a late age, the combination of the two will speed up the process in your country.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
8 Feb 11
Hello. Computer literacy may be still low, population percentage-wise, in India. But, India is doing very well in Information Technology, I hear. There is a region near Mumbai like Silicon Valley , right ? I have not been there, bu I hear it is a very modernized IT region !
@tiffnkeat (1679)
• Singapore
6 Feb 11
Hey surekharathi, this is a big business opportunity for you. You might be the next Bill Gates or Steve ground level opportunity... Don't wait.
• United States
5 Feb 11
Computer illiteracy is worldwide actually. Although here in the US there are large numbers of people who are literate with computers there are also large numbers of illiteracy. It is ideal to begin at early ages during school years to begin to learn, however there are many elders who would like to learn and have not. There are many community centers here that offer free basic computer teaching. I feel that would be beneficial in your country as well.
3 Feb 11
Always starts in school unless there's a member of the family or relative that knows PC
@zaffarox (24)
3 Feb 11
I think computer literacy isn't what we need now. When our country would have reached the stage when it will make a difference, then I guess, it will help itself to increase in its own ways. {and 99% people know about computer, just most of them doesn't know how to use one ;) jk}
@magtibaygom (4863)
• Philippines
3 Feb 11
Your government should launch more computer training programs for the masses, just like here in the Philippines, our government is very active in giving free computer training to the masses.
• India
3 Feb 11
I thing it will take some by day it will increase...don't worry about it what you can do is just give some free coaching to the students of your recident.