Which of the NBA Teams that are going to make it on the playoffs?

February 3, 2011 8:26pm CST
We know that there are lots of promising NBA teams that are going to make it on the playoffs, but only 16 teams will be chosen to push their luck on the second round. NBA playoffs will kick off this April 2011. Which team do you think will make it?
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• United States
25 Feb 11
Here are my rankings. I have placed them in order according to my projected seeding: Western Conference 1. San Antonio Spurs 2. Dallas Mavericks 3. Oklahoma City Thunder 4. Los Angeles Lakers 5. New Orleans Hornets 6. Denver Nuggets 7. Memphis Grizzlies 8. Portland Trailblazers Eastern Conference 1. Boston Celtics 2. Chicago Bulls 3. Miami Heat 4. Orlando Magic 5. Atlanta Hawks 6. Philadelphia 76ers 7. New York Knicks 8. Indiana Pacers
@drinylane (117)
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
east playoffs : Miami, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Charlotte. west playoffs : San Antonio, Los Angeles, Dallas, Oklahoma, New Orleans, Portland, Utah and Houston.
@asaname1 (17)
4 Feb 11
how many team score will be qualified so they will not be kick off this coming April 2011. i think the sure teams that will make on the playoff would be celtics miami heat nuggets?? Lakers