Death Of A Salesman.

United States
February 3, 2011 10:19pm CST
These stories are out of support for anyone who has ever or will ever work in the wonderful world of retail. I work at a local grocery store in the bakery department. I'm sort of a jack of all trades back there. I know how to do almost all of the jobs available back there. In my personal opinion, people are at their worst when at a grocery store. A few weeks back while closing the department for the night, an older woman approached me. She said abruptly "Don't bother telling me you don't have it because I already know you do. Where are your 100% whole wheat flatbreads?" Knowing that in the past year, I have not even seen that product, I politely replied "I'm sorry, ma'am. We don't carry that product in the bakery. You could check aisle seven or even the deli as they might carry it." She stared at me for half a second. "You are f***ing useless. I want you to tell all of the people you work with that YOU are useless and so are they. This is f***ing bulls***. I'm so f***ing sick of this store." she replied. Nice, right? And the greatest part of working in customer service? There isn't s**t you can do about it. Several months ago, I was approached by an older man. He seemed frazzled so I already knew I was in trouble. "Do ya'll carry anything here in the bakery with zero trans fat?" A little dumbfounded at this request, considering we were talking about a BAKERY, I held my thoughts within, and kindly replied "No, sir. We sure don't. You could check in grocery. I could call them for you if you'd like?" He looked at me with a bit of disgust and replied "You are a murderer. You are trying to kill people with the crap you feed them." "No sir" I replied "I'm simply doing my job. I don't make any decisions back here. I'm nothing but the help." sarcastically. When I was a cashier, I had an elderly woman come through my checkout line and proceeded to harass my bagger. Trying to deflect the situation, I struck up conversation. "How was your day, ma'am?" I asked. She looked at me for a few seconds before spewing her venom "What's wrong with your face?" she asked harshly. "I'm sorry..?" I replied. "Your face offends me." she answered. At this point I couldn't withhold my sharp tongue that comes ingrained in a natural redhead's DNA. "I'm sorry, ma'am. I'll get facial reconstructive surgery to make your day better." I smugly replied. "You're a little b**** and I'm going to talk to your manager." she replied." "You do that. And have a super day!" I laughed at her. Luckily, I managed to avoid the entirety of what I WANTED to say when I was told my face was offensive. Which was: "Really? Because your existence on this earth offends me." Also luckily, she insulted my manager by calling her an idiot so I didn't get in trouble. The small victories! :] Are people this rude everywhere? This is insane.
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@jessxu (35)
• China
8 Feb 11
Not only in the world of retail,but also in other service business,you can always meet rude,vicious customers.I think we will meet these rude people everywhere.It's an unfortunate thing.But,I think this is a life.You have done rather well,I may can't control myself as you when meeting such rude people.