Do you have any eccentricities?What are they? the smell of oil.

February 4, 2011 3:32am CST
As I know,people have some kinds of hobbies.Some "hobbies" are quite special,let's just call them "eccentricities".For example,as for myself,I like stepping onto the fallen leaves and listening to the sound.I also like leafing the sharp and clear notebook pages which are written by ballpen.And some people like smelling oil or gasoline.It's kind of weird to other people. So,do you have any eccentricities?Share them with us!
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@shrijsr (577)
• Bangalore, India
4 Feb 11
hello mate, yes, i too have a few of those "eccentricities" like, When i'm enjoying the smell of the mud when it is raining, I feel like eating the mud itself. I love the smell of the engines. I kinda like the smell of petrol too. Then, I like biting the edges of my note books and papers. I love eating chalk pieces dipped in water, sometimes it feels like heaven too! I keep the peacock feathers in the note book! I keep even camphor in the middle of the pages, it feels really good!
• China
4 Feb 11
Ooooooh that's interesing!Have a nice day:)