Broken Laptop

@bussyien (137)
February 4, 2011 7:16am CST
I recently suffered a loss. My favorite laptops were damaged. I do not know why it happened but maybe it happened because of my fault too. I make the laptop was working too hard. Besides the laptop was also long enough I wear. But recently I heard that a laptop with a brand I was wearing was indeed often have problems. Yeah, it makes me have to buy a new laptop. One lesson that I got : Do not make the laptop work too hard.
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@12mpetru (45)
• United States
4 Feb 11
ya dude that sucks, was it on a table and like your bed or carpet? because the laptop will defiantly over heat if it is on he bed or carpet, most of them are designed to be on flat hard surfaces. How much did it cost because if it it cost a lot that kinda suck but its like what are you gonna do it can happen to anybody. well i hope you can find one hat is god an has like a sale of like 30% off of it lol well i hope this helpde ya
@bussyien (137)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 11
Sometimes I also use a laptop on the bed, maybe it's also one of the factors that cause my laptop is broken. Another thing which will most Another thing which will most computer virus. Of course this can be prevented by using anti-virus up to date.
@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
Extra care should be considered for laptops as they are more sensitive than the desktops... if you are going to use it for long hours, it should be best to get some add-on air ventilation system placed beneath the laptop so as to lower temperature as laptops usually creates heat more due to its compact design. adding on memory would be an advantage as this would have the processor to have more space to work on.
• India
9 Feb 11
One problem with laptop is that you can't fix it yourself. This is why I still haven't bought a laptop. I have a desktop computer and I had to change the motherboard thrice. I have also changed the hard disk, RAM, SMPS and almost everything that's inside. Now it's time to change my monitor. I have a old CRT monitor and I don't see any red color in the display. If a monitor can't display things properly, it's nothing but a solid rock. I have made up my mind to throw it away. This time I am going to buy a LCD. They are shiny. Computer has wear and tear just like any other machine.