How are we religious? How we view history?

@rifnee (1713)
February 4, 2011 10:04am CST
How are we religious? Our religious faith. But religion relates to history. How we view history? History is a temporary truth (nature science) to found new evidence. When in history can not be verified (the issue continues, only fuss) how they affect the faith? In the religious level, the faith, how important we view history?
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 11
Religion is the need of human life, For guidance in the religion that all human life is written there. While the true history can be used as a tool to prove the truth of religious teachings. example: There is one civilization at a time, can live well because of his religion to serve as guidelines. There is another human civilization in an age that the disaster struck, and sings to end civilization in because in their society to ignore religion as a guide to his life.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 11
aha, yup, I believe all religions are good, and religion contains all the guidance of life.
• Indonesia
10 Feb 11
And every crime in the name of religion is an individual who is too radical and wrong in understanding a religion.
• Indonesia
7 Feb 11
If I thought, faith alone is not enough. faith if not based on historical evidence that exists, will become chaotic. How can we believe in the proclamation if the proclamation of the manuscript evidence is not there ever was read, no movies, no pictures etc.? Religion, the most authentic evidence of it is scripture. If too much is changing, and the original language is not clear anymore, it can also incidence of translation errors.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 11
We believe that there are powers above us with faith, ... Right. Religion is created from the historical process of human civilization. struggle of mankind based on the experiences they produce religious faith ... As long as I traveled the world, every civilization has a connection with religion in its territory.
• Indonesia
5 Feb 11
Our religion must be in accordance with the Lord commanded. We can offer guidance and know exactly when we look at history! through historical information we know who the people closest to His Apostle, and how its properties so that we can detect even new limited criteria. Ideally we see history as one of proving the truth of His Word of course meant to inspire followers to conduct scientific research on the news history of His Word The nature of their own learning history is to know the changes. and changes will be visible if we compare at least two conditions while the time is divided into three namely past, present and future. Will come is the supernatural so it is difficult to compare the time now we know because he was undergoing. So you can understand why the history of studying the past, namely to know the change when compared with the present, are likely to advance (preferably) or vice versa. After that we can predict what will happen then likely based on previous data. If we consider, the movement of history led to the laws of history, causality and theories of change. Someone who is aware of and introspection he certainly will develop innovations to its success and will avoid things that can make it fail as happened in the past.