How do we deal with in-laws?

@rifnee (1713)
February 4, 2011 10:18am CST
Marriage is a bliss that no measure, but what if we get married with a new partner we know it (an arranged marriage by parents)? We've only known a month, then get married, so do not yet know the nature of the partner's family, especially in-law. how do we deal with our in-laws?
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• Indonesia
7 Feb 11
All of that takes the process ... Meant only proverb "may as usual", this proverb might be in place in many ways, ... like who you feel now. Just do everything like the by-law antecedent and diligent communication, so it will be complementary (matching) Many couples are less suited to the in-laws, maybe it was lack of communication, it is happening is negative Thingking
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 11
The most effective way to face in-law is looking for from their hobby. If already know their hobby, then we have to dive into the hobby. like it or not, easy or difficult, it is a must, I believe, you can follow their hobbies, do not need to be tired anymore.
• Indonesia
5 Feb 11
That would be polite and respectful as parents themselves. Be fair, do not have to search for the face or excessive. If he is angry or hostile / create distance, need not be resisted. Learning to understand because sometimes there are laws that consider in-law as a rival or a usurper son attention.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 11
Hi, Just as you approach your partner who you marry because marriage. So is-in-law. you certainly want to know who they are by nature The approach you can do with taking the time and participate actively in the activities of a large family. like birthdays etc. receptions. By taking your part in this activity, then you get to know their personal one on one. With your wife you are also doing so is not it? you certainly would speak from the heart precautionary, just to find out what his hobby, what she did not like, etc. with mutual sharing, understanding and mutual exchange of thought, then an arranged marriage who believe marriage will publish romance rope assemblies. open with each other understand each other mutual respect advantages and disadvantages to each other encourage each other and forgive each other with arguments Will make you become a distinguished pair matching Hopefully, that's my prayer for you
@shrijsr (577)
• Bangalore, India
4 Feb 11
Hello rifnee, Its a very interesting question! Tolerance and patience are the tow things that will help you win over your in-laws heart! Few people are really good, but few people can gt nosy about you and may not be that good to you in your in-laws house. That too in case of arranged marriage, the guy wouldn't know much about you to support you! thats a very sad thing, but then, if you stand up to fight yourself, then I'm sure you will be at the receiving end! You need to tolerate things and be patient for a while, and as the days go on, they will certainly understand you and you will win over everyone! Cheers! :)