FACE OR escape

February 4, 2011 8:22pm CST
2011 comes,my troubles vanish? Yesterday I asked my former deskmate to chat online with me.I told him that I have something to say to him. He got online quickly and I began. "I like you,"I said,"from grade 3 in high school."I continued without his disturbing,"However,I can't stand ones of the same type as me and unfortunately,I feel you are one of them.In my life,you are the second who make me feel so.My father is the first." Why I hate or dislike those of the type?I don't konw clearly.In another word,I can't explain how!What I can connect in the mide is magnets.Like poles repel! Confused about that or complexed by my insane thoughts,I wonder whether I have done the right thing.I just want to bare my heart but he might be somehow helpless by me. Face or escape?I have no idea.I decide,if he has not appeared in my life,all of this are gone.
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