Which life do you choose?

United States
February 4, 2011 8:34pm CST
I've seen a similar question posted somewhere else but I was curious about what you guys would think # 1. You will live for one year in a life of blissful joy. You will always be happy and nothing will ever go wrong. You won't need to fear about only having one year because when your choice is made, you'll forget about it and the worry won't exist. #2. You will live for a 100 years. Your life will be full of ups and downs. Pretty much how life is for most of us now.
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• Ireland
5 Feb 11
For me it would have to be the 100 years. In the first instance it would become very boring boring being happy all the time. Secondly what good is it if you have no memory. Thats what makes life so special and unique-the memories,the aspiratons and the dreams. At the onset of each day we are never sure what to expect--will there be challenges and pitfalls or will the day pass smoothly without a hitch. I would prefer a century of this to a minute of time in a perpetual cloud of utopia which will recede like the tide from my mind and remain lost in the vast horizons
• United States
5 Feb 11
You misunderstood I think. What I meant is that you would not remember having made your decision or being asked to make one.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
5 Feb 11
I would choose number 1. No matter how awful it is, isn't it that we are born here on Earth to face and overcome those challenges? Just like Diamonds, we are polished by rough surfaces so we can shine our greatness!