does anyone here knows how to do the cash tasks on

February 4, 2011 10:12pm CST
i just signed up on from there, member can earn money by doing cash tasks category. I just wanted to try it, but the problem is... according to the instructions, i am about to choose the best category for 10 events. They will give you 10 events to answer each one of them. They inserted also the event details... below of that certain event, you will see the questions choose the best category?.... or the second category... and any comments and suggestions. Im wondering how to answer coz i dont see any choices given below that best category or second category.. so i tried to write down my answer on comments and suggestions. after i finished all of the 10 events i clicked the submit tasks button. Unfortunately, what i did was such a waste of time! They said its expected that got no correct answers! and it was said there that on best category i only left it blank and didn't answered any of them... how terrible... Will someone please tell how to do it...? I clicked around the questions hoping that the choices or the portion where i have to write down my answer will come out but it gives me nothing and leave me no choice to answer on comments and suggestions. Does anyone?
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