"Tweens" on FACEBOOK.....NO GOOD!?!?

@jesi06 (279)
United States
February 5, 2011 6:07am CST
What do you think about these young people on these social network sites? They are lying about their age, posting half naked pictures, releasing very personal information, etc....I THINK THIS NEEDS TO SOMEHOW BE STOPPED! Parents allowing/or not knowing their children are on these sites are simply "Opening their front doors and allowing Pedophiles,Murderers,Rapists,etc. right into their homes via computer". I have seen young people on their that could NOT be 18-20 as they say. They look to be 11-15..and I'm sorry, but that's WAY TOO YOUNG to have provocative clothing on.
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5 Feb 11
I agree with you but Facebook obviously is not the problem. Parents have to become more involved with their children and their children's lives. Children are being given much more independence earlier than when I was growing up. Children as young as 10 are being given cell phones that today can access the web, Facebook, myspace, etc so that children have constant access to these sites. The advances in technology coupled with the myriad of ways in which children have to utilize the technology has created a problem that can only be mitigated by parents providing better guidance,