Will bukisa take its share for the traffic that i get from my own blogs?

February 5, 2011 7:55am CST
As per the scheme of integrating adsense with your bukisa account, bukisa will take 40 percent of share from your adsense earnings. Now as long as bukisa takes its share for the traffic that i get from my articles that i write on bukisa, i dont mind. But what about the traffic that i get from my personal blogs and websites? Will bukisa demand for a 40 percent share even for that? If you are a writer on buksia, did you integrate your old adsense account to it or you applied for a new account via bukisa? Thank you for your response in advance. Please help.
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@rojishroy (600)
• India
5 Feb 11
Bukisa take the share of earning which you got through bukisa articles. They will not take the share of your earnings from your personal blogs and websites.
• India
5 Feb 11
Are you sure about it? Just asking.
@margeryann (1853)
• United States
6 Feb 11
I hope you get your question answered. I don't know nothing about Bukisa. Good luck. Have a good day.