which questions do the persons like to ask in your country?

February 5, 2011 11:42am CST
Today, Somebody told me that he had analyzed and summaried that the total three questions Chineses usually like to ask others. 1, where are you from? 2,which company are you in? 3, how much do you earn every month? He also said that the first question can prove that in China, people will feel closer when they know counterparts is from the same areas as theirselves. the second question can prove that background, and the career is a quite important thing in China. the third question can reflet the Chinese comtemporary value of the importance of money. Do you agree my friend's opinion? Which questions do the persons like to ask in your country?
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5 Mar 11
that somebody who told you this total garbage,where is he from?which company is he in?and how much does he earn every month? yes i am a chinese but i was just joking there seriously i dont think that way,especially the second one,company?is this a period in which most of chinese people work in company?or this is just faqs within business field
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6 Feb 11
It's said that all of three questions are reasonable in China, since the large land area of China results in the immensely different culture between southern part and northern part. A bond of sympathy will consequently develop between people from the same or similar places when they speak the same language or talk something about their hometown, which is the easy way to get closed.