Greatest Basketball player of all time

February 6, 2011 12:50am CST
There are always comparison between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. They are being compared in every aspects of the game. So who do you think is/was the greatest NBA player of all time?
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• Philippines
20 May 11
Michael Jordan is still better.. Jordan played in an era where basketball was so physical and if you check the stats you'll see the difference from scoring, assist, rebounds, field goal %,steals, scoring titles, 5 time regular season MVP, 6 time Finals MVP.
@rencarl (620)
• Philippines
2 Apr 11
hello there buddy.i say it is michael jordan.before his 1st retirement,he led the bulls to 3 straight championships in 1991 to 93.when he left,the bulls lost in the title bid.when he stepped out from retirement to play again in the 1995 season,he again led the team to another 3peat from is clear chicago needed him. When kobe won his first 3peat,shaq was there.when shaq was traded,the lakers never again won a championship.when gasol came,the lakers started building another 3peat. Chicago needed jordan to win a title.LA needed a big man to pair with kobe to win a championship. So who is more invincible?yes,it is mj. And another thing,kobe is just a copycat of jordan.mj is kobe's idol.kobe said that in one of his interviews as a rookie in 1998.
• Philippines
30 Mar 11
I am and will always be a MJ fan. Kobe is a great scorer and brought his team to numerous championships but MJ made the biggest impact to the game like nobody did. He became the barometer of success for the game.
• United States
4 Mar 11
To me there really is no comparison. MJ is far and away the better player and the best of all time. I would challenge any Kobe fan to give me one solid reason why kobe could be considered better.
@drinylane (117)
• Philippines
17 Feb 11
Michael Jordan is still the greatest basketball player of all time. Winning 6 championship and 5 MVPs. Kobe has 5 championship but has only 1 MVP. Michael is by far better than Kobe. Even if Kobe wins 2 more championships, he cannot match the MVPs than Michael has already earned.
7 Feb 11
I must say that I can not fully agree with a comparison with be Bryant to Michael Jordan. I do not think that Kobe is on the same page as michael Jordan. Jordan is an all around great basketball player. He was not just a scorer but truly a team player. I think that kobe is nothing but a ball hog and should not be compared to Jordan.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
6 Feb 11
I think I have been answering similar discussions for more than three times now and again I will say that Kobe does it better.