Mara and Clara's new lives and switching their families.

Pasay, Philippines
February 6, 2011 4:41am CST
This is the time that I am waiting for that Mara and Clara will switch to their families and the fact that I could be able to see Clara's karma which indeed I think it did not happened during the airing of the original version of Mara Clara. I am excited to see Clara on how is she going to deal herself in squatter's area which was really disgusting on her part. I really like the Friday's episode especially when they are switching to each other to their real biological parents. But I have my sympathy for Mara because it was all about love that she feels for Susan that is why she does not want to be separated to her known mother. Susan was been a good mother who always takes care of Mara. No wonder that Mara does not want to be away from her. I really like the statement of the judge that they have consulted. I will never forget her line that being a parent is not the basis of how much money or funds you have inside the bank. Obviously the judge is in the right justice who was able to justify the truth.
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@margam (45)
• Philippines
6 Feb 11
Im watching mara clara also..I think this is much better than the 1st mara clara.
• Pasay, Philippines
6 Feb 11
Thank you for reply however please respond here on this link because it is the same topic and I have reported this post already so it will be deleted soon.