addicted to warcraft

February 6, 2011 12:39pm CST
warcraft is the most interesting,fun,strategic game in the world based on me, and i think some other people also think just like me because in my college most of the boys are playing this game the more you play it, the more you addicted to it so is this "addiction" give a bad effect to us??? especially for a student
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• Indonesia
6 Feb 11
It is very bad effect if your addiction make you get over your girl friend. Ha!!!
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• Indonesia
7 Feb 11
haha.. actually in some other discussion i've ever heard just like this "if you were playing warcraft and then your girlfriend make a call with you then you accept it,it means that you are must be loving her so much because nobody can beat "warcraft addiction" exept his girlfriend ;)
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• Bulgaria
16 Nov 15
@mcatasthrope True story :D, but back to the question it may only be counted as addiction if you neglect your normal life just to play more and by neglect I mean lock yourself inside and blow off your education completely.
@rflfly (51)
• China
11 Feb 11
er...everything has two sides.not too addicted,just play it,i also like.^_^
@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
8 Feb 11
I am also a dota player and im also addicted to it. I remember before that Counter strike is the most addicted PC games then Dota was released.