Information about broken families, how do you overcome it?

February 6, 2011 2:33pm CST
Lot's of people today experienced broken families because of the misunderstanding of the parents right? What is your opinion about this? It can be prevented?
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• Philippines
7 Feb 11
broken home... its normal today. Because we are in a modern world, we alter laws, rules, etc. that is why mistakes before are right today. Preventing this is only within ourselves. If we dont want it to happen to us, then it wouldnt happen. Its our choice.
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@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
7 Feb 11
We don't put the blame on parents or in anybody. I guess it happens no matter how hard we try preventing it. Yes, it can be prevented, it requires efforts on the whole family. It's not the duty of the parents but the children also has some roles too. If all in the family value respect, value family and one's feelings, then this negative thing called broken-family has no place in our society!
@jaiho2009 (39021)
• Philippines
7 Feb 11
Broken families can be prevented if couples will worked for it. But often sometimes it can not be prevented,due too many issues. It needs two people to work things right,in which most cases only one (in couples) is trying to save the relationship. Kids are the ones who suffers most in this situation,it's really sad. How many kids out there are suffering from this dilemma ,(we never knew)
• United States
6 Feb 11
As the children there is nothing in my opinion we can do if our parents are not getting along for what ever reasons. I just think that as the parents they should try to the best of their ability to assure the children to not get further afflicted by the turmoils of separation and or divorce. I was a single mother for a very long time and they were my priority and I can tell you that I have been very successful. Sure we went through some difficult times however, it was not rosy while the father was around, but we were at peace without him and I lead by example so I have two wonderful and respectful children due to my persistence.