making a living off the internet - enough to support your family!

United States
February 6, 2011 3:14pm CST
With unemployment at a staggering 9% +. More and more people are coming to the internet to try there luck at making a living off the internet. First of all is this possible, One Word Absolutely! Occasionally, I will receive pop ups as I'm sure many of you have, The usual "Stay at Home Mom Making $6000 a month". These are scams, You may be wondering how I know these are scams. First of all, The old if its too good to be true then it usually is. Trust me if anyone is making that type of money and has some kind of golden secret, They would not be broadcasting there secrets across the net. Not to mention anyone who has looked into these, Will see in order to receive the "get rich information" must fork over money to learn the secret. Most of these have to do with Google Adsense. Please don't get me wrong, While there is loads of money to be made on Google Adsense, You need an EXTREMELY-HIGH Trafficking website. In order to make any real money on Google Adsense you need Hundreds of Thousands of unique visitors viewing your website every single day. Dont get me wrong Google Adsense is the real deal, I personally know someone who receives a check from them for 5grand a month, Then Again he does own the biggest Chess website on the internet. If you have an idea for a GREAT Website, Which people "need" and will be returning to your website on a daily basis and not to mention tell your friends. Then YES you hit the jackpot. Before getting involved in any other get paid websites please be sure to Google the company and make sure they have been in business for awhile and preferably are registered with the Better Business Association. Because unfortunately lots of these companies simply pop up for a month get members make THERE Money and then disappear and a week later Simply open up another website. The moral of this story is, YES You can make a great living off the net, But its a LOT harder then people make it out to be. Do your research beforehand and if you receive any pop ups telling you how you can become rich over night using there methods, Dont Waste your time not to mention those type of companies expect you to pay a good amount of money up front before they send you any information and the information they do indeed send you I PROMISE you wont be satisfied with it. Buyers Beware - Do Your Research before getting into anything and Good Luck!