The best campaign to promoting products

Marketing campaign that straight to the target - The best marketing strategies or campaign that straight to the target.
@yspmyl (3438)
February 6, 2011 8:22pm CST
If you are trying to sell some products over the internet, you will need to work out with a marketing campaign, as I have search through the internet, there are so many way to promote products online. I can list a bunch of them here that I have got it from the internet. Article marketing, Pay per click promoting, mailing list, Niche marketing, blogging and bla...bla...bla... It will need a lot of time and hard work for these marketing campaign to work out, and many claim that they having a program to accelerate you income overnight, I don't really believe on that... I believe people who are successful will hesitate and refuse to tell others their strategy unless it is trading or exchange with money. But I still believe that there are people who are nice and as good as angel that willing to share their knowledge with others. So, what is your experience in promoting products, what are your strategies to be successfully promote your products? Let's us all learn together and growth together!
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