Single core versus multicore

February 6, 2011 8:27pm CST
So where is the standing on single versus multi core processors? I mean some of my computer games(Morrowind, X3 Terran Conflict) both use the single core processors, as the engines weren't made for multi. But single is cheaper; foud a 3.0 ghz single for the price of a 2.6 ghz dual. BUT, on the more modern games and requirements, how does a fast single core stack up against the multicores?
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@dark_joev (3043)
• United States
7 Feb 11
Actually your single core games would use a dual core as the OS would split the work load between the two. As long as your Operating System is 64bit it will be able to make sure both cores are used. A single core running at 3.0 ghz is not as fast as two processors at 2.6 dual because it is two cores running at 2.6 they have two procs and not one. So it has 5.2 ghz as its total power. So they don't stack up also the CPU can with Multicores can grab more data at once than a 3 ghz single core. it is able to pull 5 ghz at once it is even faster with modern RAM that is Dual or Quad Channeled,
11 Feb 11
Thanks for that info but that's always thrown me.. so my processor I bought said it has dual core, at speed of 2.6 ghz. Now, my Windows 7 OS is only 32 bit... In reality my BIOS reads two 1.3 ghz processors; NOW is when I ask, what does that mean for my 32 bit OS? Is the OS being 32 bit causing it to not all be read? Really now I do not know of the software side, I'm wondering, if 64 would be better for gaming.. Since I get mine through MSDNA from college, is it worth it? Worth upgrading to 64 bit..keeping the BIOS in mind