Being the eldest of siblings

@sammy14 (835)
February 7, 2011 12:37am CST
Being the eldest of siblings carry with it great responsibility.. When you were still young it was already inculcated in your very young mind about these responsibilities and one of these is taking care of your younger siblings.. To be an alternative parent whenever they are out of the house. When both of you fight it's always your fault and you are faulted for not giving in to your younger siblings and sometimes you have to sacrifice for them.. It's unfair! How about your own life... your freedom.. How much will you sacrifice of your life for your younger siblings to enjoy.. Are you obligated to see to it that they all finish their studies.. If you have five younger siblings does this mean you have to finance them until they finish their studies.. How about your life... On the other hand when they graduate and raise their own families they will not even help you when you grow old and you die poor because you have not prepared for your future.. It's unfair..