Becarefull with orgonite

@sucahyo (103)
February 7, 2011 3:39am CST
After many experiment I now conclude that the existance of crystal inside an orgonite can be dangerous. Crystal believed to have power. But it seems people are underestimating crystal power too much. On some culture, crystal is said to be able to hold a spirit or two inside it. When the people who wear the crystal is compatible with the spirit, they will receive benefit. But if they don't, they will get miserable life instead. Crystal also believe to be able to enhance our thought. This is a double edged swords. If you and your environment can keep producing happy feeling, then the crystal will enhance it in such a way that you feel as the happiest people in the earth. BUT, imagine what happen if you don't! Imagine if you have some people have very bad thought about you. Imagine if the crystal enhance that thought and make it a reality. Crystal have the ability to do that. It is better to be carefull. If you don't have the knowledge to force crystal to do what you want, then avoid it. There is no such thing as holy crystal. Crystal become holy if someone or somthing make it so, if there are bigger influence, it can be unholy too.
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