Be carefull with electronics

@sucahyo (103)
February 7, 2011 3:49am CST
In this modern age, more and more peoples reported to have problem with health which rarely heard before. Stress become a serious kind of illness that people willing to spent a lot just to get addicted with lethal drug. One that can contribute this bad ear for health is electronics. Scientist make electronic according to their use. But they never consider the health factor of the electronics. The result of this, many electronic device produce danger to the health. However, I believe, unlike what most "expert" believe, the cause of the danger of the electronics is the energy currently not acknowledge by mainstream scientist. The energy is called orgone. To know the effect, it is easy. Bad orgone create headache and make plants wither. If you have a device that do that, observe that it may not have "high frequency factor" nor "dirty electricity" nor "dangerous ion radiation" nor "electrosmog". SO even the device that is a simple ironing device, a pump, an mp3 player, a cellphone, can produce the bad orgone just because the inventor do not know how to make it healthy. Soem people who had bad enough influence choose to stay away from them. But sooner or later they will end up finding no place safe for them. If you want to make a difference. Start learning for orgone and if you a scientist, learn to make those electronics safer from orgone point of view. If you just want a solution, try cemenite. You can make it cheaply from portland cement and insulated copper wire. Don't use orgonite please. Orgonite fail me.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
7 Feb 11
Electrical forces I think will be known in the future, at the moment people don't take much notice because it can't be seen, I believe what some people say ions is all through our houses but can't be seen, some health places sell salt rock lamps that apparantly kill the ions from electricity....
@sucahyo (103)
• Indonesia
8 Feb 11
Thank you. I highly believe what cause illness from electronics is not electric nor magnetic field or else current scientist will already take some measure for it. I don't agree with the word kill though, because I think they can neutralize each other. We get sick easier if the average orgone energy in our house is on the bad side. We can make it better by using ancient or modern method. But since orgone science is not well developed, we may become experiment tool too when buying off the self solution.