man's role

February 7, 2011 6:48pm CST
hi my fellow mylotters. i just came back recently to mylot and have not accessed my account for a while. anyway, i would like to hear your thoughts on this since it's almost valentines day. i just thought of this just now. in every relationship, and i mean a boy-girl relationship, what is the clear role of the boy. how is he to handle a complex thing. thank you for future responses.
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• Philippines
8 Feb 11
In a relationship, the boy must be the one to initiate everything on their affair, but be sure that the girl, have a say or agreed upon with what you are doing. If for other aspects of boy's life, I think you should do or decide what's best for your career, life, love, and other things which are related to you as a person. In the onset of your relationship with a girl, be a man to know her better that you should, and be very careful with whom you are making any commitments. Do it in actions and don't fool by anybody's decision by it's yours. Think always the responsiblities and obligation in your life, and face it squarely without hesitation.