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February 7, 2011 8:17pm CST
I like Brenda (especially if I have to choose between her and Carly), but the way the writers have written her lately had me wondering what were they thinking. Were they not educated about this character before bringing her back to Port Charles? Did they not expect that the fans who have watched the show for decades would notice? Well finally today, I saw the spark in Brenda that had been missing for MONTHS! When she found her dress cut and shredded I thought she was going to whine and cry then run to Jason or Sonny and tell them to tell Carly to back off. But no, she finally goes to do something for herself. I loved it when she reached out and whipped Carly around. Her fiery, feisty, "I won't take your cr@p" attitude surfaced for a moment. Even if it had to take her dress being ruined, I'm just so glad that the writers had given her back her spine.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
20 Feb 11
I never cared for the character. All she does it come to town and reek havoc on everyone and cause everyone problems...yet all the men in town just run to her beacon call! She has no class, no education, no....nothing. Hates modeling, yet that is what she does. Lives off everyone, whines and complains and argues. Everyones tries to help her and protect her and all she does is bicker and grip at them and make things worse. She had no proof that Carly cut her dress, yet accused and attacked and it turned out to be her best friend (that older woman with the black hair...forget her name) that did it! Did she go apologize to Carly? No. I hope with this week's previews showing that there is a fire in the chapel or whatever it is and Sonny being held back from going in after her means she is done on the show for awhile!