extracurricular activities along with academics

February 8, 2011 2:35am CST
extracurricular activities boost our confidence and shape the necessary skills for a successful life. but sometimes student face a sharp decline in academics because of extracurricular activities. what do you think about it? how to avoid this situation.
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@dadindine (230)
• Philippines
9 Feb 11
Personally, I believe it's just a matter of juggling one's time wisely. Also, the student must choose the right extracurricular activities, if possible must choose only the activities that could help best in his/her personal growth. Avoid peer-pressure!
• India
10 Feb 11
Avoiding peer pressure is really very necessary. but extracurricular activities must include at least one sport
• Indonesia
8 Feb 11
that is the lesson you should be smart in devide your time for intra and extra. or the secpnd suggestion, you take extra that related with your intra. but, it is seldom when extra disturb your school beside it will increase your point on your school report
• India
10 Feb 11
my point is that the students should excel not only in academics but should perform well in sports also..... thanx for the comment..
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
11 Feb 11
Extracurricular activities are good for students and will nevr affect our acedemic results. That's what most schools are doing, teachers will be on a lookout for such scenario. If that student's results are dropping, they shall be banned from CCA, or stop temporarily til their results improved. That's the case for now, but not in the past because nobody likes CCA in the first place.