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@shattered (1731)
February 8, 2011 2:39am CST
this all stems out from the death of Sec. Angelo Reyes... a retired General (Colonel?) of the Armed forces of the Philippines and has held several high ranking government post. His credentials are outstanding! At the onset let me say that I do not know the man personally, though I've heard about him in the news and from people I know. The news about his supposed suicide has been viral in the Philippines and comments ranging from what a loss and cowardly have been put out there. First, was it really suicide? from what I know he has a gunshot wound straight to the heart. But neither police nor doctors would confirm (at this time) that it was the result of a suicide. Second, if it was suicide, would it necessarily be considered a cowardly act without knowing the reason for it? If the act was meant to protect his family, if there was a threat to the lives of his family if he continued to live, would his act be cowardly or bravery?
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