7 news only about rape cases, what is wrong?

February 8, 2011 10:50am CST
Hi friends, I came back from office after a long day and switched on the tv to get all day news and I was so angry to watch 7 news about rape cases only. What is wrong with the guys, why do not they pay and fulfill their lust, they can save them self from doing rape crime. This is just not done.
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• Mexico
10 Feb 11
Hi Ajay Singh Baghel: I think these stories are important too but I agree that there are some other stories that should be told on our news programs. What about the good stories that inspired us to be better, the stories of success etc. I think some news programs focus on violence too much. Thanks for asking us this question. ALVARO
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• India
22 Feb 11
Instead of reporting these cases they should come up with some action plan. There are many good things happening around us so spread positive things in our life. Thank You for sharing.
• Mexico
11 Mar 11
Hi Ajay Singh Baghel: Thanks for the best response. And I agree with you there are more things to show on tv. ALVARO
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• India
13 Apr 11
Yes, we have got lot of things in life which can be shared. Nice looks :)