Hydro spa, wanna try?

November 19, 2006 1:28am CST
Many entrepreneurs venture into spa business and they specialize in hydrotherapy. Perhaps, it is because of the advantageous effects it has to its customers. Hydro spa applies the combination of great massage and relaxing heat allowing the body to relax and undergo healing. The magic lies on the warm waters with its bubbles that peter out strain and tension while massage treatment Aside from the fact that hydro spa treatment can be an alternative to losing weight and relieving stress, it also has specific health benefits to certain needs of individuals and these are the following: • For athletes, they can relax their muscles. Common among athletes is muscle pain. Hydro spa is actually a good pre-exercise activity since it loosens up the muscles, this way the risk of injury is reduced. On the other hand, it is best after exercise especially for the neck, thighs, and feet. • It is found to be good for diabetics. New England Journal of Medicine published a study in 1999, “Hot Tub Theory”, stating that the levels of blood sugar of the diabetics (Type 2) who engage into hydrotherapy are found to have been reduced. It also allowed them to improve their sleeping habit. But it is necessary for persons with diabetes who want to avail of the service to consult their doctors first. • It is also good for those with arthritis. Hydro spa can reduce the pain due to arthritis as the therapy contributes to the regular movement of the joint and the avoidance of injury. • It provides benefits to the many people experiencing back pain. A study made by French researchers proved that the group who undergone spa treatment for three weeks showed more flexibility on their backs and higher pain endurance compared to the group who only took medications. The spa group also decreased their intake of anti-inflammatory medicines. For individuals who not only have back pains but also have bronchial asthma, spinal and lung diseases, hydrotherapy can also be a good form of remedy.
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