Why do not we exported goods that have been processed?

February 9, 2011 3:43am CST
Do we not have the technology for managing the raw materials are widely available in our country (Where is our engineer, where the functions of the Ministry of Industry, where the function of LIPI), or we think that sell raw materials more practical.
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• Indonesia
19 Feb 11
Primarily we are the nation of Indonesia, did not want a serious committee this wealthy country, unless that system of government very, very supportive, even often times can make people so frustrated. You include citizens who are still willing to care for the state and this nation, at least still want to think of the fate of the nation. Then I wait for you to do the real action donate something to this beloved Indonesia, the national greeting for you, FREE!
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
15 Feb 11
In addition to inadequate technology, as well as the cost of labor in Indonesia is more expensive country than in china. so that goods that are processed much more expensive and can not sell in the market. Unlike China, which is cheap labor, so that goods made in china global. Indonesian export only raw materials and to cultivate affairs handed over to another country. See, Indonesia has much oil and can be exported to other countries but that petroleum is processed into gasoline in Singapore and bought back by Indonesia. Ask why?
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
12 Feb 11
At the time I write a rhyme or poem,Everything is out of pure hearts,Without reading the book or heard a rumor here and there, More of feeling oneself.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 11
There is no synergy between the employers and the government in this regard. 1. High economic costs in Indonesia. A land area of Indonesia compared to Thailand is very superior, but why for the products we have to import food? The answer is because good quality at lower prices. Why do not we make yourself a more expensive price? It was common knowledge that in Indonesia, more people want to be official rather than a businessman. To open agricultural land, so much extortion to be borne. At the start cultivating the land, there is just extortion from the environment and disruption of local communities. At the time of going to harvest, harvest security could not even guaranteed. Not to mention the harassment of any corrupt officials that instead of facilitating, even distressing. A colleague of mine from abroad once commented, well if you open a business in Indonesia is 20x more difficult than in his country. 2. Not enough capital (not just financial capital, but knowledge & technology). To be able to export an item, it means that the goods should have advantages compared to the same goods in the country of export destination in the form of superior quality and price. To achieve a high quality, it is often necessary technology that requires a learning curve and trial-error experience, who have not owned companies in Indonesia, a relatively younger age compared to other global companies. 3. High taxes To preserve profit, then some corporate strategy is to allocate the profit centers to countries with lower tax levels. And the profits can be achieved by not building manufacturing in Indonesia, but by sourcing raw materials or precursors built. High taxes are also exacerbated by the reputation of tax collection in Indonesia.