How can we enjoy life more passion?

February 9, 2011 4:19am CST
To me "life could be better if we still can take lessons in any event we experience, because in fact the ultimate happiness will we get if we can be grateful for the sincere and gracefully." What about you?
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• China
9 Feb 11
Respect each other,talk often.we sure can live better if we talke lessons really,but the question is that we have the same problem often.Most people are lack of patience and persistence.
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• Indonesia
9 Feb 11
yea, lack of patience and persistence is a common sight I see from the people in this life.
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
14 Mar 11
why should ambitious pursuit of material if we can not live happily if you can appreciate what you've got,God willing, you can enjoy your life.because people who enjoy life are the people who are always grateful for what God has given.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
21 Feb 11
Make sure your life's purpose, straighten you view your task just to get it, always do every thing related to and useful for the purpose of your life, maybe you will get success. And if you're feeling out how to be successful people even in little things, you will be eager to continue and continue to obtain your life goals / success.
• Indonesia
19 Feb 11
Greetings from me .... God Created everything was not in vain, there is the intent and purpose behind creation, including yourself ... Sorry ... maybe you've been too busy with worldly affairs ...? so that the liver becomes barren and restless ... and saturation was your experience? It would be nice .. besides busy with worldly affairs, we also gradually busied himself with affairs hereafter, hang out is also a pious man ... so that our hearts become more peaceful and life seemed meaningless.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
15 Feb 11
This life are like a ball, sometimes happy and sometimes sad ... but we must not forget that we can be happy when we are sad, and we can be sad when we are happy. The secret of it all lies from our ability to control minds, our minds that will carry all the reactions in our bodies. Excited when we are sad, how easy, follow the event-full spirit,
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 11
Talking about life is somewhat complicated because he does complicate. spirit comes from what we have come in accordance with what we expect. The spirit can also come when we can open the hand and receive something openly. The spirit can also come when we are ready to give or let go. Not easily discouraged and remain diligent. one secret, because people know there are black and white. No black, then white did not exist in this world. So in this world, still there are two sides. changes must occur. if we already know, the spirit and retracing steps and receive even one step will not be daunted. Confidence comes and the spirit continues to flare. be patient and remain aware of whatever happens.
@suguwillu (113)
9 Feb 11
Hi Kendedes, I feel for everything we need money. if i want to go out for shopping i need money. want to take kids for out i need money. for everything money has become the key. but you know worshiping GOD is free...... so i love to sing songs and just Worship the Creator. and feel peace fulll......