My PTC Story and the Ones I Trust.

February 9, 2011 6:14am CST
I have been a PTC member for about a month now and so far I have been earning cents from my own clicks and from my referrers' clicks. I started with the number one and the longest-operating paid-to-click website called Neobux. When I first encountered neobux, I asked myself if this was really true. I googled about it and I found out that some people if not all are already earning some cash with it. I was doubtful and I came to realize that I would remain doubtful if I wouldn't try it myself. So I tried and that was the day I first started clicking ads there. There was 4 ads and I was little-bit-happy-but-still-doubtful after earning $0.04 cents on first day. I visited their forum site and was little bit convinced that neobux was really paying. I continued using it until one day I got my first 3 rented referrals. It is really good seeing that my earnings are increasing little by little. Today, my earnings is as close as $1. It's just so little but I believe in time this will grow. I am planning to invest some money with Neobux once I reached the minimum payout and once I am paid with 2 dollars. One the other hand, I signed up with another PTC that's been proven paying. This one now is called ONBUX. I am almost a member for one month and I am so happy being a member. My earnings today is as close as $2 already. What's more exciting was there was a day this month that someone gave me $6 so I can rent 20 referrals. $6 dollars. He was so sure about giving away $6 so I asked him if he really meant it. Yes, he did. I bought 20 referrals that moment and I am very happy seeing that all 20 rented refs have been proactively clicking. I am still confused on what will I do once I reach the minimum payout. Questions like, will I withdraw it to my paypal account or will I just keep it until it reaches $5. I really do not know. The other half of my brain tells me to cash out when it reaches $2 so I can prove that Onbux is really paying. Other half tells me a different story. But I have already decided just now that I must withdraw when it gets $2. Once paid, I will keep clicking and think about investing in more referrals by next month. I might be posting my payment proof anywhere when getting direct refs.
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@mayka123 (10129)
• India
6 Jul 11
I am a member of both these sites and have received payments from both. So I can vouch for the fact that they are both genuine. It feels good when you are paid for your work done.