How to start career as voice over?anyone can help?

@jasmeena (850)
February 9, 2011 8:34pm CST
Actually, I should`ve gone to Istanbul for recording as voice talent coach for Rosetta Stone. I read the script on the phone, they evaluated me then they sent me the recording asking me to evaluate the recording then I was contacted again to evaluate the talent who read the script. Unfortunately, as it took time to extend my passport, I couldn`t go to Istanbul. However, that by-phone internship gave me valuable experience. Now I want to start my career as voice over, but how?I am also assigned as interpreter, not very often, only 4 times. Anyone can help where I can get a job as voice over?How to send my voice sample?I know some people r talking about emergingcast, but can non-US and non-hispanic claim the task as voice over?I tried to claim one task, but there was no clear instruction about what we should do...Can you please help and share?Thank you very much, your help is highly appreciated.
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• Calgary, Alberta
10 Feb 11
Practice, I have a phone customer service background and it helped get some gigs. You need to learn how to talk clearly and talk without stuttering, when you read articles and stuff, try read them with your voice, try to sound like a commercial, then as you practice it will be more natural as days goes by. Stop drinking cold beverages and iced water, it will ruin your voice. Try slippery elm tea and lozenge to improve your voice. Read out a lot of tongue twisters to improve your performance.