Best Responses and Positive/Negative Discussions...

February 9, 2011 10:52pm CST
I've been coming to mylot quite a bit lately, and have noticed that I've been forgetting to do a couple of things while I'm here. I'm going to have to go back through some of the discussions I've started and mark the best responses for the discussions that I'm fairly confident are over. I know that the discussions are never really "over", but it would be nice to give those people that have taken their time to really give thought to answering the questions asked. Also, I've really been trying to mark conversations as positive (I've never really needed to mark a negative). I don't know how this effects the conversation or if the person becomes aware of this positive mark, but I would hope that they end up getting something in return for their positivity and good comments. Do you always return to the discussion after a while and mark the best response? What about the positive/negatives? Do you ever mark those responses too?
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10 Feb 11
Hi penniestoadream, there is no time limit as to when to assign Best response, it is best not to do so right away as many members will not continue your discussion once you have assigned a best response. Although you do assign best response the discussion is never closed as members can continue to discuss even if you decide to leave myLot. What I do is I always assign positive to all the members who enter my discussions, this way later I can give best response but then all members are actually benefiting. We are allowed to give rating to members anywhere between 11 - 15 each member daily. I never assign negative, as even if a member disagrees, it still makes for a great discussion as we know that even an opposing makes for continual of the discussion. The only time I find that someone is way too negative is when they are abusive and or cruel, at which time I do not assign negative I would rather (!) report. Luckily I have never had that situation. Only but once but it was because a member was making fun of another members English difficulty. I have even assigned a best response to members with opposing responses, as if at times you read and re-read a response it really stands out and makes you think. We do not earn for Best response it is simply a boast of praise for the member. I always assign best response but my discussions can run for 4 weeks and longer as I get a great deal of responses. I hope this helps, happy myLotting to you.
@GardenGerty (94651)
• Marion, Kansas
10 Feb 11
I used to rate +/- every place that I could. Reading further I was made aware that a discussion or contribution can be neutral and does not have to be rated. Our rating of others has an effect on the color of their star, and thereby their earnings. I have a few discussions I need to resolve, that is, I need to choose best response. So, go rate and resolve. You will begin to get it all together as you are around here more.