four ways to feel good...

February 10, 2011 2:42am CST
we are all looking for happiness,and feeling good is the key to a successful and meaningful life.but how many of us make it a priority?how often do we commit to making ourselves feel good? i believe that happiness is so important,it should not be left to chance. 1.Realize that you are pulling the strings. the message that we are in control of our own thoughts and how we respond to situations is a vital one to internalize.happimess is a choice,operating from this knowledge,we have a surprisingly powerful locus of influence in the world. 2.consciously direct your thought. this is not easy for most of us,but this is a skill. 3.Be an optimist. Studies have shown that people with a happy,optimistic outlook live longer and healthier lives. 4.Take a walk the health benefits of walking are undisputed,but there are also psychological benefits.try it,walking can contribute to your happiness. Feeling good is so important,in a sense,it's the whole point of being alive.So don't waste time on negativity.take control! Do you think so? thank you.
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