Legitimacy of OnBux

@srjac0902 (1170)
February 10, 2011 5:22am CST
Even today I cashed out instantly my earnings without any delay, so there is no ground to find fault with the Administration. When we are misled by multitude of PTC sites at least ONBux and Neobux have shown great respect for the clickers. And its our duty to promote such sites. The fact about the clickers not clicking satisfactorily remains yet. Facts are facts. I hope with the collaboration of the members the administrators will take measures on the clickers failing to click. After all when we buy the referrals we have a right for justice
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@Zer0Stats (1316)
• India
11 Feb 11
Well I've not yet encountered any kind of problem while using Onbux.I'm still a standard member with over a hundred good direct referrals in there and I got paid 4 times before.Plus,they have an instant cash out system for all kind of users.So I think it's quite enough to trust on them.
@raj7shot (842)
• India
10 Feb 11
Congrats for your cashout.. Even i think there is no problem with the site.Let us hope for the best.
@nijolechu (1845)
• Canada
10 Feb 11
I have not found anything wrong with using ONbux. I have been using it for a while. When I request a cashout from them. I would get the money right away. Yes, I think the administration of ONbux should do a better job at weeding out the bad rented referrals that they give us. I just want a good return on my rental investment.
@JANSEN (86)
• Malaysia
10 Feb 11
I agree with u. Those news about onbux closing accounts are those accounts of scammers and hackers for sure.