The Saurav Ganguly Interview.

February 10, 2011 7:17am CST
hi friends.well dada gave an interview to a certain news channel. i didn't record it or take notes but i will try to give certain points. About being not picked in the auction: i didn't feel betrayed that KKR did not go for me at the auction.i dont know why i wasn't picked by the franchises.some of my fellow age men like gilchrist,warne,dravid,laxman were picked.the reason may be not based on cricketing reason alone. About him coming with packages: there are stories like that if you select ganguly,he would want to be the captain. i played my first half of my cricket under captains,then 5 years as captain and i played 2 and half years under other captains in my last half. i never had any issues about playing under other captains. About SRK asking about mentor position: i dont think that is necessary.KKr has many people like watmore,akram,vijay dahiya and few other local more doesn't help the team in anyway. About Kochi's offer: the kochi franchise did ask me whether i would like to play for them and i said yes.but the rules did not allow them to pick me. considering IPL board has been changing rules just like that,i am surprised.Even other teams like banglore and mumbai expressed concerns about the sudden change in auction rules.rules should be made so players can play and not otherwise. About playing Ranji: I played ranji matches last year because i wanted to be fit for the IPL.if i dont get a chance to play IPL,i wont be playing ranji matches. About his idea of coaching india: i would defintely love to coach team india in the future. ok thats it.this interview was given almost a week ago and i only remember part of it.
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@venkit (2957)
• India
12 Feb 11
ya he is a great indian batsman. he is the legendary left handed batsman in the indian cricket. hope that he will become coach and selector in future. I am hoping that Indian team will have a season in future where Sachin as the coach and DADA as the chief selector.
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@ajithlal (14569)
• India
4 Jun 12
Hi Venkit, I am also support you. Really saurav is a great Indian batsman. I am a big fan of saurav ganguly. I wish saurav should come back in cricket team.
• India
11 Feb 11
Dear Stardustcdsd, From the looks of the details given, I think it was a deliberate attempt to push out Saurav Ganguly. But Saurav did have his rates a bit too high. But, the way he seems to be shunned out, is not correct. He was one of the better captains, India has ever seen. A little bit more respect would have gone a long way...!! Share your views Balu.
@Wismay (2038)
• India
10 Feb 11
What I don't understand is that, if Kochi is ready to include Sourave why these guys are objecting? If they don't want him ok, but why not let other team to choose him? It is within the rules only but these guys looks like bent on keeping Sourav out of IPL! Kochi being a new team never thought that Sourav could go unsold. So they didn't include him in their scheme of things. But later they wanted to have him in the team but other teams are objecting. Really illogical behavior from these so called expert businessmen. The one thing I always liked in Sourav is that he always stood firm on his decisions and believed in himself. I can also say that he is the one when in form outshone Sachin too especially with his attitude. But he lacks the tact that Sachin has. Sourav is too straight! Let us wish him the best whatever he does. Happy Mylotting!
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