what is your mind saying right now??

United States
February 10, 2011 5:43pm CST
Many people do things like go on facebook b/c they are bored, need to feel creative, want to feel connected, have something they want to say, etc. If you pause to consult your brain... what is it saying right now?? Imagine you are sitting someplace public... and you look into the eyes of another person a short distance away; thye look up to see you.... what do you think their saying right now (inside their mind) - besides... why is this person staring at me?
3 responses
@SIMPLYD (83191)
• Philippines
11 Feb 11
My mind is saying, i got to go home early after dismissal , so i could have a lot of prayer time before i watch my favorite tv programs.
• United States
12 Feb 11
That's awesome!! Pray for me too... yay. Prayer is awesome. I was job hunting recently - and, the idea of punching the clock is sewn so well into our lives, we don't even try to manage the rest of our time. Everything centers around that one clock! What's your favorite show??
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
11 Feb 11
my mind is saying that i gotta go lay down before i fall down. i have this really bad cold, see and feel horrible.
• United States
15 Feb 11
yeah..lol.. i know, and they write like everything about what there doing or about how there feeling or ect.. i think its kind of funny.. im actually thinking about my math hw. right now. haha. i know its lame but yeahh and when i see someone starring at me. yeah. i says "why is this person staring at me" also i think things like "do i look good".,. "should i smile-- (only if it;s like a cute guy whos around my age group which is 17 or 18)"