There is no moral order.

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February 10, 2011 10:22pm CST
My ethics brought this up this morning after we finished watching the movie "Crimes and Misdemeanors". Do you think there is a moral order?
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11 Feb 11
Thats a movie. Yes there is a moral order. It can be proved within yourself just by paying attention very closely to your emotional state. When you love and appreciate someone, think about how you feel at that moment. You feel so great and happy. When you hate or are angry at someone you feel discord and bad. Thats it. You can tell if something is right for you just by looking internally for your emotional answer.
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11 Feb 11
By order I think he meant an order that the whole world must follow. Why must humans be this, be that? Why must people be moral? One of his examples is something like this: If I enjoy torturing babies for fun and I am happy for doing it, is it right or wrong? If I apply your idea of moral order to my teacher's statement then he is just doing just as your moral order is, correct? Because if he is happy doing it, he is not angry or anything, he is just happy torturing babies then you are right the moral order is just emotional judgement. Now, if I appreciate killing mass of people and love doing it, and in the end I feel so great and happy, according to your idea of moral order, what am I?
@DawGwath (1044)
• Romania
14 Feb 11
There is no moral order unless we, as a society, decide there is one. Anything outside that is just "survival of the fittest" and chance.