happy playing

February 11, 2011 5:27am CST
Most of the people love playing in rain.As it is the same for me.I love playing in rain because nobody can know if we are crying or no.
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@dainy1313 (2354)
• Leon, Mexico
27 Apr 11
I remember when I loved to play in the rain, I was a little girl when I played most. I used to wear a swimming suit play on the street, lol. I never have cried in the rain, though. Good luck! Blessings!... Dainy
@cream97 (29175)
• United States
27 Mar 11
Hi. ss4u10te. Welcome to myLot! That is one great way of getting a cry out of your system, by playing in the rain. I have never done this as I have been older. I know that I liked running around the yard while it has just started to rain. I just now thought about this. It has never came to my mind before.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
18 Mar 11
I was thinking about this because every time it rains become a different person .... I love the rain because they do not betray me, my tears could be confused with raindrops and do not give the suspect, do not look back, we should not give unnecessary explanation, in fact nobody is interested .... I love the rain to wash our sins that thought, I love that part of me, makes me feel free ... I love the rain for I no longer care if k or live there, to limit myself to contemplate ....
• Philippines
11 Feb 11
i think going under the rain is fun and refreshing; although nowadays, i don't think it is recommended given that it is now mostly "acid rain." i am not too sure about this though. some people even recommend that you should wait a couple of minutes before going under the rain since they say that the 1st drops would be the "acid rain" - maybe someone can enlighten us w/ this matter =)
@lilaclady (28270)
• Australia
11 Feb 11
I know how you feel there is nothing like walking in the rain especially at night, with no distractions and no one can see you, you can do a lot of thinking and yes no one can see you cry....