In Malaysia, a few of the followers of the official religion not in favour of VD

@alokijon (665)
February 12, 2011 9:03pm CST
For the past few days, the media in Malaysia had been publishing news on how some of the followers of the official religion of the country linked the Valentine's Day celebration to Christianity. Some even come to the extend that all the bad things happened during the VD are the "teaching" of Christianity. The bad things mentioned such as immoral activities, discoing, couples meeting in private and so on. I am so happy that The Christian Federation of Malaysia refuted the statement by saying that Valentine’s Day was a secular observance which Roman Catholics and Protestants do not commemorate as a religious festival. I can see that this one of many examples how life is when your religion is minority and people are trying very hard to paint a bad picture about your religion. But, I am still thankful because majority of people in Malaysia do love peace. What do you think about the whole issue? Peace no war!
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@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
16 Feb 11
Yes, you are right in saying you may suffer some consequences when you're in a minority religion. Persecution is not impossible and this may result in some conflict. But it's a good thing many people has learn how to respect other 's religion. Respecting other religion is the only way to avoid deep conflict and to have peace among people and believers!
@alokijon (665)
• Malaysia
16 Feb 11
Yes, I do think that respecting each other is the best policy. God is great. He doesn't give rain only for the Christians or only for Muslims or only for Hindus etc. He gives rains to all. I cannot force you to become a Christian if you feel that Christianity is not good enough for you or you cannot ask me to become a Muslim if I do not feel that it is good enough for me. But what I can do is that, I respect your religion. I am sure that your religion will never ask you to do bad things. If any religion does ask it followers to do bad things, I am sure it is not a religion at all to start with. So, peace no war! Life is too short to fight with each other...
@Monkeyrose (2850)
• Canada
13 Feb 11
St. valentines day is an ancient roman catholic tradition. It is the day for a couple of staints named valentine. However it had nothing to do with romantic love. The romantic love aspect was woven in through lore. The catholic church actually erased st.valentines day from their list of saints days in 1969. Valentine's day is indeed christian but it has been secularized and changed much like christmas has. Does anyone have a christmas tree at christmas? the christmas tree was originaly a germanic pagan tradition.'s_Day